Find out how Itaipu Binacional innovated in the optimization of engineering project processes, documents and contract portfolio management with the Greendocs solution.

Today, the system manages more than 2 million engineering documents and serves more than one thousand users.

Case Itaipu Binacional, presented at EDOC Engenharia, in São Paulo.

The way companies manage engineering documents was the theme of eDoc Engenharia, which took place last week in São Paulo and had W3K as one of the speakers of the event. The presentations addressed issues related to knowledge management, "handover" of projects, electronic management of technical documents and capital works, as well as corporate memory.

Itaipu's representatives showed the case for managing documents and engineering processes on the Greendocs platform. Julio César Paulino, Enterprise Architect at W3K, spoke about efficiency and compliance in the production and operation of capital goods.

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We develop and deliver a complete software solution for enterprise content management and process automation - Greendocs. Our P&D team is located in the Brazilian territory, able to act in a manner that adheres to international standards and best practices.

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