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Gerdau Implement Greendocs for Document Management and Process Automation

One of the world's leading steel producers and the largest private company in southern Brazil, Gerdau now uses W3K Tecnologia's GreenDocs solution to optimize document management and automate processes in the engineering and quality areas.

GrenDocs takes the place of the solution of the Dutch multinational BlueCielo, whose tools were used to manage thousands of documents with technical information from the steel mill.

Gerdau, through its press office, informed the Baguete technology site that "the partnership with W3K is aimed at modernizing this management system through a cloud solution with more functions and a better user interface". The GreenDocs platform will add value to contract management within the scope of industrial projects, as well as to quality assurance processes.

The technology will have direct interaction with suppliers via the cloud, making communication with external agents more efficient. To date, 17 plants are introducing GreenDocs, which will serve more than 20,000 users, adding value to the work of plants throughout Brazil.

Read the complete news at: by Maurício Renner

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