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    Originally published in the newspaper Notícias de Mineração,

    Tuesday, December 3, 2013 by Alexildo Vaz

    Waiting for materials, information, and other resources is a major cost center for any type of capital project, be it a mineral treatment plant or a residential building. In order to reduce this waiting time, W3K created the Greendocs software.

    The goal of Greendocs is to reduce litigation during construction and give more efficiency to change management in engineering projects to reduce construction failures and technical purchases.

    One of the ways the program does this is by giving mobility to decisions that need to be made at all times in a project, such as the approval of drawings or technical specifications. In Greendocs this can be done by means of tablets.

    Guimar Engenharia, for example, used Greendocs during the construction of one of Gerdau’s Ore Treatment Units (UTM). “One of the advantages was to be able to track where the approval of the documents stopped,” says engineer Paulo Roberto Maciel da Guimar during a document and information management event held last week in Rio de Janeiro.

    The software has audit and traceability capabilities to control project deliverables.

    Data from W3K, a company based in São Leopoldo (RS), show that in some cases, there was a reduction of time in document processing by up to 20%.

    In addition to reducing the time spent with bureaucracy in project management, the program is able to reduce the gap in the amount of information that is passed on from the project team to the operations team, says Daniel Klafke, director of W3K.

    Klafke explains that by early approval of the completion of an asset, it can be capitalized and thus its depreciation can be anticipated. “In large industrial plants, this could be worth millions,” says the executive.

    Greendocs was designed to also be used in projects that use the Last Planner methodology, increasingly used in building construction. This methodology, focused on serial projects, is focused on increasing productivity and reusing documents.

    In cases documented by W3K, which is part of the SKA group, it was noted that good project management practices supported by W3K technologies brought a reduction of up to 20% of time and cost in construction projects.


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