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    Greendocs is a flexible and robust platform for the implementation of business applications, which enable the correct processing of documents and the automation of information-intensive processes. This provides an effective way to locate important documents and tasks, track histories, track actions, and related processes.

    Greendocs is a 100% web solution for document management (EDM/ECM) and processes (BPMS) in a single tool. Easy to use and fast to implement, with the following differentials:

    • Versatility: ECM and BPMS on the same platform
    • Modeling and Rapid Deployment of business applications
    • Scalability: From departmental to corporate … From small volumes to large volumes.
    • Compatibility with Technological Environment and best IT practices
    • Options On Premise / On Cloud

    The video below briefly shows how the Greendocs platform can address information management challenges for end users and/or extend existing applications with Document Management features.

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