Know more about Greendocs

    Flexible, scalable and easy to use!

    Greendocs helps you organize all of your project data in a manner that leads to much greater efficiency and minimizes costly mistakes.

    It focuses on your critical non-systematized processes which normally require extensive documentation, including engineering data, spreadsheets, emails and FTPs.

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    Quick Access anywhere

    Customers like Arcadis, Bunge, Guimar, CMPC and Solazyme have achieved benefits such as:

    • Less time spent on searching engineering information;
    • Reduced time waiting for information and materials;

    Viewing and Markuping

    • Water marking and copy control;
    • CAD viewing & markup feature;
    • Safe data through high level cryptography.

    On Cloud Collaboration

    • Auditable collaboration;
    • Automated workflows;
    • Up to date documents and data-books when plant starts;
    • Improved information auditability and risk control.

    Graphical Workflow Modeling

    • Graphically designed workflows;
    • BPMN 2.0 Compliant
    • Full history logs provide full traceability.

    Dynamic Navigation

    Non-structured data often leads to inefficiency and mistakes!

    • Get your data organized with Greendocs’ s dynamic libraries;

    Comment Management

    • Comment Tracking;
    • Streamlined technical communications and correspondence;

     Databook Tool

    • Control the databooks creation progress and the issuance of its documents.

    Management Reports

    • Graphical Reports;
    • e-MDL enables engineering progress control;
    • Get more accuracy on reporting execution activities and progress.

    “Greendocs makes possible the access to digital information in a simple and intuitive way. Also, It’s workflow/BPM functionality is increasing efficiency in our processes.”

    Marcos Fernandez, CIO, Honeywell

    “Greendocs brings us substantial gains when it comes to collaboration with suppliers.”

    Cristine Guayba, Engineering Analist, CMPC

    “The solution is user friendly and very reliable when it comes to information availability, consistency and completeness“

    Cleber Naue, Contract Manager, ETM/BUNGE

    “Approvals and validations are no longer done by email!”

    Sidnei Barronio, Project Manager, STIHL

    Checkout Greendocs 7’s new features!

    Version 7.0 of the Greendocs platform has been released.  The upgrade includes, among other features, performance improvements, more adherence to EPC use cases, PDF rendering/viewing, and digital signature.

    See the Release Notes below with features brought by the update:

    Performance improvements

    Considerable optimization of the loading time of document listings in views and search results. Also applied to the pending items list.

    ``Search by name`` option in quick search

    Possibility to restrict the search only to terms included in the system’s item names. “Search all fields” checkbox is displayed to the right side of the search field. This option will be selected by default and by clearing it, Greendocs will only consider terms that are included in the item’s code rules.

    Positions configurations enhancements

    Change in the registration logic of positions assigned to the user. Positions are used to inform the unit, area and function of users, thus assigning permissions to them. Previously, the user could have positions, which made the configuration slow, because positions should be assigned for each user, after the change, the positions are primarily registered in the system and in the sequence it is informed which users make parts of this position, making the configuration faster.

    GRD export to ZIP

    Option for the user to download a complete delivery note containing all information from the protocol item and its related documents into a single ZIP file. The delivery note can be generated in excel, word or pdf format. This option must be enabled by your system administrator to be available to users.

    Validation of files via MD5

    Option to validate the contents of already inserted files, when using this option, at the moment of inclusion of the files, Greendocs will validate if there is any other file already included with the same content as the new one, allowing the user to follow the inclusion if they really want . This option can be used to determine if the file you are adding has changed in relation to your previous revision or if it has already been added to Greendocs.

    Validation of import/inclusion file names

    Option to validate files already inserted by name. When using this option, Greendocs will validate the file name to see if there is no other file with the same name already included in Greendocs, allowing the user to continue with the inclusion if they really want to. This option can be used to prevent the inclusion of duplicate files.

    S Curve report improvements

    Changes made to improve the usability of the Curve S report, including the inclusion of possible selection of scheduled, reprogrammed and performed dates and several other filter options. Activation of this functionality requires additional settings in the system, these settings can be requested from the W3K service department.

    Publishing of released revisions

    Functionality of making revisions available at the end of the document flow. This event provides users with a preview profile the last revision released from the document, when a new revision is started, these users will continue to view the previous revision, but with a warning that there is a new revision being generated for the document.

    Related documents filed in presentation view columns

    Fields that match the references of a document or form can be placed in presentation views, indicating the name of the item referenced in it. For example, it might be used to add the OS that the document belongs to as a column in the view.

    Customizing the Column Name in Presentation View

    You can now change the text of the “Name” column in the item lists, allowing this column to get a different description in each view, which is compatible with the nature of the item being listed.

    Generating PDF from AutoCAD and MS Office documents

    That functionality allows automatic generation of a PDF with the contents of MS Office and AutoCAD files previously inserted in Greendocs, without the need for CAD or Office to be installed on the workstations.
    In addition, the version generated in PDF may have a watermark, indicating that it is a controlled copy, for example. Combined with the new feature of publishing released revisions and the existing option of restricting access to editable files, you can configure the system so that, at the end of the document revision flow, a watermarked PDF version, Is made available to read users without access to the file in the original CAD or Office format.

    Digital Signature

    New functionality allows the digital signature of files inserted in Greendocs. The user needs a digital certificate (e-CPF or e-CNPJ). When signing the system, the system verifies that the certificate is valid at that time and has been issued by one of the issuers of the ICP-Brasil key structure. Once signed it is possible for new users to subscribe or that the current signatures are viewed by any user with access to the system.
    The signature is compatible with the ITI (National Institute of Information Technology) standard and ICP-Brazil Public Keys Infrastructure for certifying software. The certificate formats A0 (file) and A3 (token and SmartCard) are accepted by the system.