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    • Information Governance Plataform

      Greendocs is a flexible and robust platform for the implementation of business applications, which enable the correct processing of documents and the automation of information-intensive processes. This provides an effective way to locate important documents and tasks, track histories, track actions, and related processes.

      Web Solution

      Greendocs is a 100% web solution for document management (EDM/ECM) and processes (BPMS) in a single tool. Easy to use and fast to implement, with the following differentials

    Our Clients

    Clients Testimonial

    “The solution is user friendly and very reliable when it comes to information availability, consistency and completeness“

    Cleber Naue, Contract Manager, ETM/BUNGE

    “Approvals and validations are no longer done by email!”

    Sidnei Barronio, Project Manager, STIHL

    “Greendocs makes possible the access to digital information in a simple and intuitive way. Also, It’s workflow/BPM functionality is increasing efficiency in our processes.”

    Marcos Fernandez, CIO, Honeywell

    “Greendocs brings us substantial gains when it comes to collaboration with suppliers”

    Cristine Guayba, Engineering Analist, CMPC

    CMPC Celulose: Innovation in document management

    CMPC Group is a big player in the international market for short-fiber eucalyptus pulp. Its factory in Brazil currently occupies an area of ​​106 hectares and invests in the cultivation of forests as a source of supply of sustainable raw material.

    The company faced difficulties with the large volume of documents in the projects. Greendocs, initially deployed in 2011 to manage the company’s internal document flow, has gone beyond optimizing other key company processes. “We acquired the tool as a whole to optimize the design management of a new and an existing plant. We have had real gains in terms of dealing with suppliers and technical information management. As for example, to maintain the issuance progress, contracts control, the physical progress of the work, as well as modules for auditing the digital content to the deliverables “explains Cristine Guahyba, Engineering Analyst at the company.

    According to Cristine, Greendocs is easy to use and has an intuitive interface, as well as ensuring the necessary customizations pertaining to each document type or process. It also draws attention to the support part. “W3K’s technical staff is a great differential, with highly qualified professional services people.” she says.

    Technology supports business management

    Baliza Empreendimentos Imobiliários, from São Leopoldo, chose the solutions proposed by W3K – the Clarizen and Greendocs technologies – as technological support to control all the records generated during its ventures, as well as the flow of this information.

    Clarizen is a portfolio manager. It provides a centralized environment to manage projects, tasks and resources in an easy and intuitive interface. It is also an excellent ally in the management of works.

    Greendocs, on the other hand, is a process manager. It is a high performance web solution for storing and managing documents and forms. It combines features of a EDM and BPM system.

    “When added, the technologies have the ability to manage any business. They guarantee the quality and profitability of the work, which is the dream of any businessman.” (Adalberto Fernandes Jorge, Business Director of the Baliza)

    Portfolio management with Clarizen

    • At Baliza, the following gains stand out:
    • Ease of portfolio management and execution of works;
    • Visualization of the percentage of progress of each project and of delayed tasks of the project;
    • Speedy visual management information;
    • Progress information accessed and fed directly from the site.

    In short and mid term planning, it is usually time consuming to find information, making planning meetings inefficient. Much is sought and little is actually planned. This is a problem that does not exist at Baliza!

    Greendocs is a tool that supports technical communication, records management, requests, reports and drawings issued during the stage of feasibility and execution of large enterprises.

    Enables all processes to be digitally available to all team members and enables efficient measurement control, facilitating time, communication, delivery and risk management.

    It’s a cloud web solution. The information is accessed at any time, from anywhere, generating a significant reduction in the information processing time.

    In the feasibility and design stages, all documentation is quickly and easily found, generating time savings and consequently cost savings.

    Some achievements with the use of the solution:

    • Ease and speed in managing distributed tasks among the various segments involved in a large enterprise;
    • Notification of the system about the necessary documents;
    • Availability, accuracy and organization of information;
    • Total traceability of information;
    • Better control of risks;
    • Respect for deadlines in internal activities.